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    Domestic FPGA Innovator -Anlogic-Domestic FPGA innovators - Anlogic Infotech

    Product Center:

    Focusing on innovative, ground-breaking FPGA chip design, and the establishment of a perfect product system.


    • LED
    • Industrial Automation
    • MIPI & TCON Display
    • Consumer Electronics
    • LED Solution

      FPGA helps restore real-world color and brightness

    • Industrial Automation Solution

      Flexible and reliable design, accelerating industrial automation development

    • MIPI & TCON Display Solution

      High flexibility fuels emerging display panel innovation

    • Consumer Electronics Solution

      Consumer electronics Low power consumption to bring more flexible applications for consumer electronics

    About Us

    Anlogic Infotech supports the whole-process and customized services from hardware to software, helps to build a flexible and independent core world with technological innovation, and strives to become an internationally renowned FPGA chip supplier.

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      13years of industry experience
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      353authorized intellectual property rights
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    You can read about how we handle your personal data, your personal data rights, and how you can contact us in our privacy policy.


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